Friday, August 31, 2012

Edie Harbaugh's Top 8 Reasons to go to Geoff Roes Alaska Running Camp

Top 8 Reasons to go to Geoff Roes Alaska Running Camp by Edie Harbaugh

1. Alaska is unbelievably gorgeous.  If you've seen photos, they don't even capture 15% of the natural beauty.

2. Geoff knows Juneau trails inside and out.  I saw trails I wouldn't have gone on by myself.  Including a whale surfacing within sight of our coastal trail. 

3.  Worried you can't keep up with a Western States champion?  Local Juneau runners come to the runs.  Geoff seemed to know every runner in town, and they were all gracious hosts to us - even when I was slow. 

4.  Hate early mornings?  Worried it'll be like junior high but worse?  Runs only take up 2-5 hours a day. The days are long, and we never started before 11 AM.  Plenty of time for whale-watching, charades playing, magazine reading, and…

5.  FREE Beer samples at Alaskan Brewery!  I don't even drink beer! But it was fun to hang out at the brewery.  There's a strict limit of 6 samples per patron :)

6. Geoff & his girlfriend Corle met when he was a cook and she was a baker.  All of the food was delicious!

7.  SWAG!  Everyone got a goody bag with a Montrail hydration pack, multiple pairs of DryMax socks, a big bottle of Udo's Oil, and a coupon for a free pair of Montrail shoes online!  Not to mention the huge basket full of Clif products to try every day. 

8.  Did I mention Alaska is gorgeous?

Edie running up above Juneau!

Honestly, I had multiple doubts before (and after) I signed up.  Would it be grizzled no-fun athletes, waking up at 6 AM and eating chia seeds?  NO!  Geoff & Corle & the Juneau folks are incredible hosts.  Alaska is beautiful.  With 5 days to focus on running, I could experiment with new food, like carrying an avocado/turkey wrap.  The runs are as fast or slow as you want to go.  And there's plenty of time to just enjoy Alaska.

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